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24-Feb-2018 12:03

North Oxfordshire – The Secret Supper Society Norwich – Unthank Supper Club Nottinghamshire – Clarkie’s Supper Club Peterborough – The Outlawed Epicurean Poole (Parkestone) – Tansy’s Kitchen Reading – Friday Dinner Secrets Scottish Borders, Scotland – Dine at my House Sheffield – New Friends Table Sheffield – Sheffield Supper Club Warwickshire – Secret Squisito Beijing – Gourmet Underground Hong Kong – Cuore Private Kitchen Hong Kong – Da Ping Huo – more of a small private kitchen that simply doesn’t have a sign, so you have to know it’s there – touted by many as the best Szechuan food in Hong Kong Hong Kong – A new sort of speakeasy – in Hong Kong Hong Kong – Mandy’s Private Kitchen Hong Kong – Once Upon a Table… Another similar concept, thought more of a pop-up, is the Dinner en Blanc series that’s hosted around the world.

Gemini & Scorpio, two funky Brooklyn gals, have been running the second-largest non-commercial New York City events list since 2002, spreading the word on underground happenings you'd otherwise never hear about.

If you’re planning a visit to London, you might want to take some good handwipes with you.

Nine of the world’s most threatening superbugs have been found on the capital’s public transport – and it could be a breeding ground for more, researchers warn.

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You’ll have to contact the one(s) you want to reach all on your own.A similar concept is the “pop-up restaurant” – often open just for a single or short-term event, perhaps held at an art space or warehouse or exhibition hall, though sometimes in a private home; or a visiting chef (or local chef without his or her own restaurant) taking over the kitchen and dining room of another existing restaurant on their closed night(s).