Feminism and dating

09-May-2018 07:33

Dating can bring extra challenges when you have staunch beliefs about social justice or identify as a feminist.But forming intimate, interpersonal relationships is a valuable experience.

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I won’t feel obligated to talk to someone just because they really, want me to. I’ll disappoint people if that’s what it takes to guard my boundaries. If someone violates my boundaries, I won’t wonder what I did to “lead them on.” 8. If I’m unsure of something my partner wants to do, I’ll say “no,” knowing I can change my mind. I’ll never say “okay” when I mean “maybe,” or “maybe” when I mean “no.” 19. I’ll only date people I want to be with as they are. I’ll speak up even about the smallest things that bug me so my partner has all the information necessary to accommodate me.

If you don’t follow the same rules, that doesn’t make you a bad feminist.

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