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No matter how or what your adult child chooses to tell you about a heartbreak, you want to respond in way that will foster a deeper conversation.“Be prepared to stop right there or open the door so they can say more,” Deutsch says.

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“Baby boomer parents are more aware of their children than their parents were of them because they see their grown kids in pictures on Instagram and Facebook.The why behind your words: You don’t want to invalidate your child’s feelings, Deutsch says. We know that most people do get over broken hearts, so let your child know that as bad as the pain is now, there is a future where the pain will hurt less.When your adult child tells you: I must be a terrible person if she can’t love me. Say instead: I understand why you’re feeling that way now, but let’s think about other relationships with friends and family that you’ve had.“We’re also supposed to help them, throughout childhood and young adulthood, to develop good coping skills.” That means when an adult child calls us for sympathy — or sends us a text that reveals their love-life has suffered a setback — we have to repress our urge to say the first thing that comes to mind and instead offer advice that our child can choose to use or not to help with the healing. The why behind your words: “Don’t make assumptions,” Deutsch says.

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Trouble is, it’s so hard to say what you really feel. Say instead: It sounds like he has been carrying some anger and mixed feelings for a while. The why behind your words: Deutsch says words like “you’re not good enough for me” in “serious” relationships reveal that the partner doing the rejecting has unresolved negative feelings that may have as much or more to do with his own view of himself than with a true assessment of your child. Instead, ask questions about your child’s feelings.“I wanted to get on a plane and make it all better, but Africa is pretty far away.” One of the hardest things about parenting young adults who are riding out the waves of romantic difficulties is resisting the urge to barge in with our parenting toolbox and repair their leaky boats.