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05-Jan-2018 17:21

I've got an opinion on this, but I am eager to hear yours first. Besides the words business trip is still about the company, not for anyone elses amusement. And imagine if that would come out in the company, that someone has abused the privilege by using the hotel room that your company has payed for bringing people there for sex.depending of their contract they could get fired or at least get serious warning!Allow me to complicate this debate just slightly: I have had colleagues who have been joined on the road by their wives/partners while we were on business travel in particularly fab locales (New York, Montreal etc.) Of course, my colleagues paid for their significant other's airfare, but their partners were allowed to stay in the hotel room with them.Normally, the situation is cleared with the boss ahead of time, and it's never been a problem as far as I am aware.

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Airports are the new meeting place for adults to meet.

(reason I know these things are that I have worked for as a PA and have seen a thing or two, I do not know the standards in US or Canada but I assume they should be the same as in Europe in general).

Alright, we're split right down the middle so far, and EB1 has a particularly strong (and well-informed) opinion on this.

This one is for all you business travellers out there: Let's say you've got a series of meetings in another city.

Your boss and a few colleagues from the office are travelling with you, and everyone is staying in the same hotel. My question is this: Is it inappropriate to pick-up and have a one-night stand in your hotel room, or is this a violation of business/workplace ethics?

Frequent flyers can make new friends with passengers that travel out of the same airport as they do on a regular basis.